Kitty McCall Greeting Assortment Notecard Box

$ 17.99

The Kitty McCall Greeting Assortment Notecard Box features 4 bold color illustrations of floral arrangement in vases by Nigerian-born, UK-based artist, Kitty McCall. Influenced by the natural world around her, along with the vibrant landscape of her early childhood in Nigeria, Kitty McCall has developed a signature style of bold colors, overlaid patterns, and shapes to create geometric designs and floral landscapes for interiors, and accessories.


16 Colored Notecards

4 Unique Designs (4 each)

17 Envelopes

Sturdy Drawer Box Size: Box: 5.75 x 4.5", 146 x 114mm

Cards: 5 x 3.75", 120 x 95mm

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