Sun Dial Large Soy Wax Candle, India | The CommonFolk

$ 50

India- Take a walk through the woods and alight the fiery ambers of Teakwood together with the warmth of earthly Tobacco. This offers a subtle scent of ginger, cinnamon, spice, and amber with hints of vanilla and balsam.

Our Sun Dial Candle takes us back in time to the Woodstock days, where freedom and fun ruled the days.

Your Candle Ritual - Embrace this Mindful Message when burning this candle:

Each time you light this candle, draw down on the rays of light and let is bring in new sources of energy.

Our Candles have 600g of creamy, pure and renewable soy + coconut wax, blended with our own Australian made fine fragrances oils and enriched with essentials oils.

Enjoy 80-100 hours of bliss.

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