Instagram Feed & Story

  • One Instagram Feed post with all products on
  • Instagram Try-On video story explaining look *please tag our shop in each upload so we can share your story on our page!
Square photograph published to Instagram feed & try-on session published on story.

    What You Need to Know

    All agreed upon content should be published within 21 days of product delivery with above hashtags & tags and your unique discount code for followers.

    Photo Requirements

    • Use natural light, or bright lights -- no dimly lit shots
    • We want to see you, but we want to see our products more -- please take photos with that in mind.
    • Please never highlight partying, cursing, drinking, etc.
    • Use on brand props, colors and content that looks like something we could repost on our social channels -- see our Instagram for style reference.
    • Please choose an interesting, memorable backdrop for your photos. Avoid basic walls: white, beige, etc. Look for interesting textures or captivating landscapes! 

    (photo examples are at the bottom of the page)



    • Call out your local city: Atlanta, Charlotte, Dallas or Nashville/Knoxville
    • North & Main is a lifestyle brand. We carry clothes for the everyday girl, for all every occasions! 
    • We use the words like “babe” and “obsessed.” We want you to speak in your own words, but the vibe that we set for our customers and for ourselves is a ‘glam girl next door’ appeal.
    • Remember to use your personal discount code when posting! 
    • Please never highlight partying, cursing, drinking, etc.
    • You can refer to us as North & Main, N & M, or as North & Main Clothing Co.

    Include in Every Post




    Personal Discount Code - please email if you don’t have one

    Compensation Guidelines (if agreed upon ahead of time)

    Please invoice once all work is completed

    • Invoice must include: Full name, Instagram handle, mailing address, work agreed upon, payment agreed upon, and PayPal email for payment
    • Payments will be completed via PayPal within Net 14 days from invoicing 

    North & Main Influencer Checklist

    We are excited to have you as one of our N & M Babes! As we collaborate together, we’ve put together this short checklist to ensure we both are on the same page.

    Step 1: Now that you’ve decided to work with us, please register to receive your items by filling out this form. View Here

    Step 2: You’ll receive the items in usually two weeks or less from order date. If there are any issues with this, please email

    Step 3: Plan out your content & take photos [refer to photo & copy sections above].

    Step 4: Send your draft photos/copy to before publishing for approval.

    Step 5: Once approved, publish all content on all of your channels within 21 days from receiving the product.

    Step 6: Send all of your post links to, when publishing is complete. Also, send all photos taken, even if not posted, via dropbox to Taylor. 

    Step 7: After all content is published, please see compensation guidelines above -- only if applicable.

    Step 8: Reconnect with Taylor to discuss future opportunities!