6 Piece Garden Collection Set | TOCCA

$ 54

Transform your garden of scents with 6 Piece Garden Collection Set from TOCCA! Unleash a bouquet of fragrances with this playful perfume set. A perfect gift for any occasion, this set will add some fun to your daily routine. Get ready to bloom with TOCCA!

General Info:

  • 6x 0.17 fl oz/5ml Eau de Parfum Dabbers
  • Scents include: Florence, Stella, Cleopatra, Simone, Giulietta, and Lucia
  • Florence: Sophisticated, Romantic, Timeless
  • Stella: Flirty, Sensual, Spontaneous
  • Cleopatra: Powerful, Seductive, Exotic
  • Simone: Breezy, Sparkling, Radiant
  • Giulietta: Feminine, Delicate, Refreshing
  • Lucia: Luminous, Captivating, Soulful

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